Class/Ethos in Student WritingEdit

The subject of class, more formally known as social class, is a concept created by and held within  the social sciences (sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, etc.)  It is a hierarchy of social categories into which people are grouped, based upon the idea of social stratification, which is "the classification of people into groups based on shared socio-econmoic conditions". In social class, there is a general three-stratum model, comprised of three main classes: the upper class (aristocracy), the middle class (bourgeoisie), and the lower class (proletariat).

Class, as it pertains to writing, is a key component in the attitudes, abilities, skills, and ultimately, the writing styles of students in any kind of composotion-based course. An individual's socio-ecomonmic upbringing typically has a tremendous impact on the level and quality of education that one is capable of experiencing; and therefore, will have a hand in determing how a person processes reality, how they learn, and ultimately how they write.